We offer basic bathing services to our current daycare or boarding customers ranging from nail trims to teeth brushing or full baths that include everything!  To become a current customer, schedule and complete your free first day with us!

Baths are performed with a variety of environmentally friendly, all-natural products to choose from based on your dog’s needs or you can provide your own. These baths also include a nail trim, teeth brushing, full brush out, ear cleaning, and gland check and expression at owner’s request.  We do not offer hair cuts or trims of any kind.

*Allergy Sufferers*
Please notify a staff member if your dog has allergies and we will use hypoallergenic products only for their bathing session and try to accommodate any other needs!

Nail Trim
All baths include a nail trim. All nail trims are performed or finished with a Dremel grinder to create smooth nails that are as short as possible without causing discomfort or pain to your dog. Some dogs are very sensitive about their feet, so please let us know if you prefer your dog’s nails to not be trimmed or if you feel your dog would behave better while wearing a soft muzzle.

Teeth Brushing
All baths include teeth brushing. We use single use disposable tooth brushes for each dog, to remove plaque, along with an all-natural dental gel designed to soften and loosen tartar over time.

Brush out
All baths include a brush-out, however, if your dog is excessively matted or if this is a stand alone service, we will charge a small fee based on your dog’s size. If your dog is severely matted and needs to be shaved, we will recommend a trip to the groomer’s.

Ear cleanings
All baths include ear cleaning. We use an all natural herbal ear wash with a witch hazel base to cleanse ears without leaving them damp. If your dog appears to have an infection or to be painfully sensitive to handling of her ears, we will not perform ear cleaning and will recommend a trip to the vet.

Gland expressions
All baths include a gland expression check. Expressions are only performed if glands feel full or at the owner’s request.

Flea bath
A flea bath will be administered immediately at the owner’s expense at any time your dog is found to have fleas present during their stay with us or at the owner’s request.  The price is based on the size of your dog.  Remember, a flea bath only removes fleas currently present on a dog, but does NOT repel fleas.

 Nail trim

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