About Us

The founders of Dog Days are not only dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for dogs, but also fulfilling their physical and social needs in a controlled manner. Dogs are our number one priority and we love watching them build relationships with each other and learn about interacting in a pack atmosphere. That’s why our daycare is cage-free only, with our experienced staff guiding and leading them. We keep track of everyone’s progress so we can keep you informed of your dog’s behavior. Any aggression to dogs or people is not tolerated. Our number one priority is safety, but our number one goal is the quality of each dog’s stay. We also want to change the way dog daycare professionals can make a living by giving them a chance to have actual careers in the dog care industry. This benefits the dogs as well as the people, as customers can always depend on reliable, knowledgeable caretakers who enjoy and take pride in their work.