Our Team

 Jeff – Owner

Jeff used to rent White Fang on VHS every week when he was 9 years old (to the amusement of the video clerks) and got really good at drawing Siberian Huskies all over his homework. He communicates best with dogs, which is why you will mostly see him hanging out with the dogs in the back, avoiding the phone. Those photos of your dog on Facebook are courtesy of his amateur photography hobby and that adorable little Staffordshire Bull Terrier on our logo is his daughter Feist. He also has a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Breeze who you’ve probably noticed as the giant brown dog galloping around in the big room.

Tammy – Owner
Tammy & Dolly

Tammy got her first Dog Fancy subscription at age 7, and did her 5th grade science project on Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Her near obsessive compulsion to nurture means her life is filled with plants, animals, and people to feed. Dog daycare was the perfect career choice, because it prevents her from becoming a hoarder. But she would probably be the best hoarder ever, with a hundred really well-taken care of dogs. You know her dog as Grover the howling Doberman.  She is also looking for a falconry sponsor, if anyone knows one!

Rachelle – General Manager, Trainer
Staff - Rachelle

Rachelle was first inspired to wrangle mutts and study canine psychology as a child, after her crazy aunt decided to adopt an entire pack of dogs into her home; consequently, the furry things became her best friends, and human relationships came second to them. She tends to walk around with an often misinterpreted, permanent scowl that doubles as her face of excitement. She spends her free time hiking, and training dogs to do a number of fascinating but incredibly useless tricks, such as the famed “whisper bark.” You will often see her 27-lb tan and black-masked mini Malinois, Zooëy, eating her favorite dogs’ faces in the Bigs room. And yes, Zo knows how to whisper bark.

John – Assistant Manager

John attests to not know anything about dogs before working in daycare, and is embarrassed that he once fed Iams to his German Shepherd.  Several years and a lot of experience later, he is our assistant manager and juggles temp tests, intros, and answering the phone like a pro. He hopes to one day share his life with an English Shepherd, can you introduce him to one?  Meanwhile, his skills and patience are put to the test every day by his charming miscreant of a chihuahua mix puppy, Oliver, who you may have noticed is the smallest, yet most violent player in the small dog playroom.  :)

Tymisha – Assistant Manager
Staff - Tymisha
Tymisha is one of those unlucky individuals who have never had a dog of their own (but has cats!), yet loves to spend time with them.  The intuition and empathy that dogs possess when it comes to their interactions with humans especially intrigues her.  Hopefully one day she’ll meet the right pooch to share that bond with!  Meanwhile, she uses her time at Dog Days to get her puppy fix and because of her “joint custody” perspective on your pups, they receive the most affectionate and meticulous of care at their home away from home.

Julian – Senior Kennel Attendant, Driver
Staff - Julian
Interestingly enough, Julian’s interest in dogs came about after raising his dog James Dean and having him labeled “dog aggressive.”  Wanting to learn more about dog behavior, he came to work at Dog Days and realized his dog wasn’t aggressive, he was just a Boston Terrier.  James Dean now successfully attends daycare with us and has never been more than mildly grumpy and awkward.  Julian is pleased with his improved handling skills as well, and how they have helped his pup.  He loves to spend time with the dogs and study their drives and personalities on display during play time, but especially he loves the one-on-one time he gets with them during overnights.  Since working here, he has come to firmly believe that dogs should be raised with their best interests in mind, and not their human’s.

Vanessa – Senior Kennel Attendant, Receptionist
Staff - Vanessa
Vanessa is just one of those people who was a magnet for doggy attention all her life and knew early on that she understood dogs on a different level than most people.  Still, she tried out working in different fields before realizing that nothing would make her happier than to keep dogs the focus of her life and to devote her career to them.  It doesn’t hurt that she gets to work with like-minded dog-obsessive people!  Her canine family member is a little adorable toy poodle incongruously named “Pinchi Pinchi.”  Look it up.

Daniel – Senior Kennel Attendant
Staff - Daniel
Daniel came to us with an impressive knowledge and experience of hunting dogs, including champion Earthdog titles with his two mighty miniature Dachshunds, who now reside with his parents.  He loves to learn what makes each dog tick and the motivations of different breeds and mixes.  Dog behavior and the canine mind is what interests him most, which is why the playrooms at Dog Days are the place for him!  He is also incredibly athletic and we like to assign the most demanding 30 minute or 60 minute walks to him, as it’s always guaranteed he will bring each dog back happy and exhausted from a fun run on the streets of downtown!

Luke – Senior Kennel Attendant, Trainer

Luke has been working with dogs his entire life, beginning with helping his mom out at her local grooming salon, all the way to serving as an explosive detection dog handler in the Marine Corps.  Dogs are his greatest passion, and he loves to learn about and discuss the oddities of rare breeds or unique personalities as well as the science behind the pack mind.  His partner in crime is Kane, an adorable little Staffie with an amazing array of talents, the least of which is his hard-earned ability to hunt and retrieve pheasant with his dad!

Annabelle – Senior Kennel Attendant
Annabelle is in love with all animals and every single dog at Dog Days!  You can often catch her singing to the pups or dancing with them from the lobby.  Although she grew up with a dog, she doesn’t have any pets of her own currently, which is why she wanted to work in daycare, so she could get her fix.  After working at a veterinary hospital, it was a much happier place for her to be.  When the time is right, she hopes to one day be mother to a hedgehog, a pot-bellied pig, a Shiba Inu, some chickens, a mini bunny, and a 3-legged, 1-eyed, deaf dog.

Anya – Receptionist, Senior Kennel Attendant
Anya grew up with animals surrounding her, including but not limited to pugs, chickens, geese, parrots, bunnies, and even a turtle.  Her mom would even spank her to try to stop her from making friends with the stray TJ dogs who loved her whenever visiting her grandma as a 5 year old. But for some reason she made herself miserable as an adult by working at jobs that had her only interacting with people. Until one day she ended a really tough shift at her restaurant job and realized she needed to spend her time with more animals and less people! Since she joined the team at Dog Days, she actually looks forward to going to work and learning about dog behavior, health, and care. Her gentle demeanor and eye for detail means the dogs love her and we can’t do without her! Her constant sidekick is a sassy little poodle thing named Zooey and a house kitty named Leeves.

Brisa – Kennel Attendant
After a decade of working customer service, Brisa decided to switch gears abruptly to answer a lifelong calling to work with dogs. She now constantly reads about dog behavior, grooming, and training while applying her new knowledge to further her skills as a handler at Dog Days, and has never felt so fulfilled in her life. The only thing she’s missing is a dog of her own – we notice she falls in love with every senior pit bull that comes her way! She truly believes (as do we!) that the positive work environment at our shop plays a big part in how happy the dogs are to spend time with us. We actually refer to each other as “work family” and Brisa is proud to be a part of it!

Maggie – Overnight Attendant
Staff - Maggie
Maggie grew up as a farm girl in the Midwest, with the patriarch of the family’s prized Chocolate Labs as her gentle, constant companion since infancy.  She literally learned to walk with him by her side.  These days, she shares her home with Brogan, her serious and solicitous German Shepard as well as Gadget the Papillon, whose silliness balances her brother out.  Maggie’s experience with caring for multiple dogs gives her a great eye for detail and her thirst for more knowledge means that your dogs always keeps her busy and invested in their relationships, behaviors, and quirks!