Training Services & Prices


Initial Consult  FREE

Phone evaluation of dog’s specific needs; estimate of lessons needed as well as brief discussion of proposed plan (details dependent on face to face meeting. Each person and canine are unique, so each training regiment will also be)

Daycare and Train:
In-Facility $95/hour
Private instruction by a certified professional trainer while you work.  Introduction and proofing of sit, down, stay, loose leash walking/heeling; establish a foundation for recall.  Lessons are practiced individually and then proofed inside the daycare room with the distractions of the other animals.  Recommend a minimum of 4 lessons and a follow up in-home lesson to complete the reliability.
*Eligibility based on completion of free first day of daycare.

Private Behavior Modification:
In-Home $120/hour (*additional travel fee may apply if outside the coverage area)

Coach owners on handling, communicating with, and modifying the behavior of dogs safely in-home and on walks, from basic obedience to more in depth conditions of anxiety/aggression; Emphasis on safety, speed, and practicality; help with housebreaking, leash aggression, sibling rivalry within pack, excessive barking/jumping, introducing dog to new baby, preparing for new baby, etc



Basic/Intermediate Obedience – $150 (must be at least 3 mos)

Intermediate/Advanced Obedience (with CGC accents) – $160 (must be at least 6 mos and have a handle on Sit, Down, and leash walking)





Leash Walking/Biking : 

$95/hr basic walk: one hour walk while at daycare to address excessive pulling, includes tool assessment and any necessary desensitization. Recommend 3 for best results, one in which owner participates.  

$95/hr bike ride: (must complete leash walking lessons or test out with trainer assessment.)  One hour bike riding lesson while at daycare.  Addresses excessive pulling, running into spokes, and general manners. Recommend 3 for best results.

$110/hr leash aggression/reactivity : one hour walk while at daycare to address aggression/reactivity toward dogs on leash. Includes tool assessment and any necessary desensitization. Recommend 5 for best results, 1-2 in which owner participates.

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