How do we keep dogs from fighting?

As social pack animals, most dogs do not want to injure or harm each other unless they feel threatened. However, we screen those occasional dogs who specifically carry an antisocial personality trait that causes them to be dog aggressive by introducing them to one of our resident working dogs designated as a temperament tester, in a safe and controlled manner.  This way we can examine each dog’s behavior and reactions for aggression around other dogs, without putting customer dogs at risk.  We define aggression as “the desire or intent to do physical damage to another dog or a human.” Therefore, we count all interactions between the dogs that are accepted into our daycare as communication. Just because you see some teeth or hear a growl does not necessarily mean someone is being aggressive, it’s just how dogs communicate with each other. Because we are skilled in reading dog body language, we can help dogs that may have a squabble to reach an understanding with each other long before any harm is done. Typically, this happens between young or undersocialized dogs who are still developing.

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